Among our clients:

Loro Parque Foundation

Loro Parque Foundation’s mission is to protect the most threatened habitats, using parrots and cetaceans as flagship species by means of environmental education activities, responsible breeding programs for threatened species, rescue activities for injured fauna and conservation projects in the local communities where parrots and cetaceans can act as ambassadors for nature. http://www.loroparque-fundacion.org/

Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona Zoo Aviary houses more than 70 species of birds from different continents.

The facility was constructed in the 1970's. It was extensively renovated in 2002 to represent the different ecosystems where the birds live in the wild, such as the American, Asian and African jungle.
The bird reproduction rate is very high in the aviary.
As various species in danger of extinction frequently produce young, Barcelona Zoo is able to send some of these young birds to other zoological centers.
in this way Barcelona Zoo is contributing to increasing the low population of these animals in captivity.
In addition, the Palmeral facility in the Zoo consisting of a set of thirteen aviaries in which a large number of species live.
These include Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons and other Parrots. http://www.zoobarcelona.cat/en/

Blue Mountain Bird Farm

Blue Mountain Bird Farm, owned and managed by the Parsons family since 1988, is situated in Klapmuts, a small village in the middle of the Western Cape wine lands close to Stellenbosch and Paarl, only 45 minutes drive away from Cape Town in South Africa.

The exotic birds’ aviaries have been set up in separate blocks overlooking a large landscaped garden with many trees, creating a very natural environment for the breeding project.
All the birds are submitted to health checks using testing of blood as well as inspections from a veterinarian.

In addition, self catering units are available for Guests to come and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Bird farm. http://www.bmbirds.co.za

Wisbroek Breeding Center

The Wisbroek Breeding Center conducts research, in close cooperation with several nutritionists, zoos, top breeders and other experts in order to develop a balanced high-quality special bird forage for rare birds in a protected environment.

Wisbroek offers innovative, international quality feed for birds threatened with extinction. http://www.wisbroek.com/en/1/default.aspx

Zoo Parque Loro Puebla

Loro Parque Zoo Puebla was opened on January 1st, 1999.
Today it is a modern zoo that meets the four major objectives: education, research, recreation and conservation with a great team of professionals in various areas; The Zoo have reached a collection of more than 400 animals of 96 different species, obtaining great success with more than 50 breeding endangered species and also developed “welfare" programs to maintain the physical and mental health of this collection.
In addition, the Zoo wishes to contribute to the conservation of ecosystems and to promote values and equity between the society and the environment. www.parqueloro.com.mx

Psittacus Catalonia

The breeding center CATALONIA Psittacus consists exclusively of Red--tailed Gray parrot ( Psittacus erithacus erithacus ), also popularly known by the name Grays. All our African gray parrots are from the Democratic Republic of Congo and we currently have about 700 breeding birds of which 300 pairs have consolidated.

For years we've been given the task of collecting and incubating each of the fertile eggs from our breeding center. The main purpose of this activity has been our interest in learning, research and development of vocational procedure that allowed us to successfully achieve the highest rates of hatching. For this we have INCA incubator ( DMP Engineering ). These innovative incubators allow us to obtain hatching rates close to 95%. http://www.psittacus.com

Dallas World Aquarium Zoo

The facility is home to a unique display of flora and fauna from five continents, 14 countries, three oceans, numerous seas and rivers.

The 200-foot Wilds of Borneo Entrance ramp is lined with plants and animals representative of this region of the world for your enjoyment as you enter the complex.

The indoor adventure begins at the top of the Orinoco - Secrets of the River rainforest exhibit. The upper levels showcase mixed avian species as they fly freely throughout the vegetation, foraging for food, building nests, caring for their young or preening at the top of the 40-foot waterfall. Mammals, ranging in size from small Vampire bats to large Antillean manatees, share the rainforest with amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates and fish. http://www.dwazoo.com/

Italia in Miniatura

Italia in Miniatura, founded in 1970, is unusual miniature park whose theme is the Italian historical, architectural and cultural heritage. The core of the theme park is a unique open air display of over 270 perfect scale reproductions of architectural marvels of the beautiful country and of part of Europe, surrounded by distinctive greenery which makes one of the park features.
The Pappamondo is entire area dedicated to the world of parrots.
It is home to about one hundred specimen of various species from around the world, in a way that allows the visiter to learn and follow their habits and lifestyles http://www.italiainminiatura.com/

African Raptor Trust

Situated on the east coast of South Africa, is the Predatory Bird Centre (PBC) of the African Raptor Trust.The PBC is a dedicated bird of prey facility, specializing in the captive breeding of Southern African raptors.

The facility will assist, were possible, in any bona fide program or avian research that is beneficial to the long term conservation and survival of raptors. The centre also serves as a biological and genetic bank of southern African birds of prey. All birds that are utilized in the breeding programs are either captive bred or non releasable rehab birds. http://www.raptortrust.org.za


Colony is a center of breeding and conservation for parrots and parakeets.
The main purpose is to raise species of exotic birds in order to preserve them, with the greatest respect for their needs and well-being.

Particularly threatened species and rare in nature are subject to a conservation plan.
Less threatened species in the wild, but rare in poultry, are raised and sold or traded to farmers confirmed. http://www.colony-perroquet.fr/

Parrot Park NOP

The Dutch Foundation for the Refuge and Care of Parrots (N.O.P.) is a refuge center for all exotic birds, specifically parrots situated Veldhoven, in The Netherlands.
Since 1987 we have been busy taking in and caring for parrots. For several reasons their owners could no longer take care of them. We take in healthy parrots, but more often we have to deal with ill, weak or stressed parrots.
The N.O.P. owns property measuring 80,000 sq. meters (approx. 19.75 acres) with over 100 cages and aviaries. Here volunteers and an avian vet care for the animals. The birds receive a home for the rest of their lives.
There is also an educational center in our park where visitors can learn about parrots in the wild and the problems that come with keeping a parrot as a pet. http://www.papegaaienpark.nl/

Africam Safari

Africam Safari is proud to represent the IUCN’s Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG) in México. CBSG’s mission is to save threatened species by increasing the effectiveness of conservation efforts worldwide.
At present, Africam Safari is collaborating and actively participating in different projects; among it is the recovery of wild birds species populations like:
Dove from Socorro Island (Zenaida graysoni)
Royal Eagle (Aquila chrysaetus) Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao)
Military Macaw (Ara militaris)
Cozumel Island Curassow (Crax rubra griscomi)
Maroon fronted Parrot (Rhynchopsitta terrisi)
Different types of Amazon parrots (Amazona oratrix, Amazona viridigenalis)
Horned Guan (Oreophasis derbianus) http://www.africamsafari.com.mx/

Warsaw Zoo

The Warsaw Zoological Garden, known simply as the Warsaw Zoo is a scientific zoo in Warsaw, Poland.
Although officially created in 1928, it traces back its roots to 17th century private menageries, often open to the public.
The zoo covers about 99 acres and it is home to over 5,000 animals representing more than 500 species, many of them unique.
During World War II, Jan, the director, together with his wife Antonina and their son Ryszard, saved more than 200 Jews from the Holocaust. http://www.zoo.waw.pl/

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program (WSFR) works with states, insular areas and the District of Columbia to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, their habitats, and the hunting, sport fishing and recreational boating opportunities they provide. The Division of Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program provides oversight and/or administrative support for numerous programs.

The Mission of WSFR is to work through partnerships to conserve and manage fish and wildlife and their habitats for the use and enjoyment of current and future generations. http://www.fws.gov/

Zlin Zoo

The ZOO is one of the most beautiful parts of Moravia. The garden is situated in an English-style park with more than 1,100 tree species and decorative bushes. Also, while walking under the crowns of hundred-years-old trees, you will encounter 211 species of animals of 4 continents.

The ZOO has been also played a significant role in protection of endangered animal species that are near or are threatened with extinction. http://www.zoozlin.eu

Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza today is the name of the old name "Parc Paradisio".

An area of 55 hectares surrounded by a wall of more than 3 km and is home to gardens and animals, gathered from the world of men in all their diversity and cultural richness.

We travel from one end of continent to another by walking, a temple in a village in Indonesia, a Chinese garden in a village of raptors, Elephants, giraffes, rhinos, lemurs and monkeys coexist with birds’ aviary, reptiles and bats.

Pairi Daiza has set three main tasks: amaze, educate, preserve. http://www.pairidaiza.eu/

Artis Royal Zoo

Artis was founded on May 1, 1838 by the Royal Zoological Society.
The name Artis is a short for ‘Natura Artis Magistra’ — Latin for ‘Nature is the Master of Art’ and it is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands.
The five elements that characterized Artis are each represented in the logo: Artis as a Zoo and Aquarium, Botanical gardens, Zoological Museum, Geological Museum and Planetarium.

Artis Royal Zoo creates natural living environments for the 750 species of animals including Birds of Prey and Aquarium surrounded by coral reefs and sharks.
It has also the biggest Planetarium of Holland accommodated in well preserved 19th century architecture and 300 tree species. http://www.artis.nl/

Bratislava Zoo

The Zoological garden Bratislava was established: May 9th 1960

Among its Main activities:
• Breeding and conservation of endangered animal species
• Scientific and research work
• Education of the public with the aim to create a sense of responsibility, as well as raising conservation awareness about the nature in the form of lectures, educational panels and labels about animals, ecological education events and programmes for schools
• Designing conditions for relaxation and daily recreation http://www.zoobratislava.sk/

Zoològic Badalona Veterinària

Zoo Veterinary Badalona, founded in 1994, specialized in high level veterinary care for domestic animal, exotic species and Zoos.

Badalona Zoo Vets offer a complete service that includes technical and legal advice, as well as clinical practice. The work of the team is completed by a quick communication (telephone, fax or email) with the customers for follow up and for the results, always with strict confidentiality. http://www.veterinari.es/

Hadassah Medical Center

Hadassah's physicians and scientists are actively engaged in a wide variety of extensive basic and clinical research projects, looking for new ways to treat current conditions.

Over half the hospital research conducted in Israel is carried out at Hadassah. Each department incorporates research units and there are many interdisciplinary research centers. In both hospitals and within a number of hospital departments, Hadassah has created Centers of Excellence: brain trusts of scientists and physicians, integrating clinical care with the latest laboratory lessons. http://www.hadassah.org.il/

Zoological Center “Safari”

The Zoological Center Tel Aviv - Ramat Gan or "Safari" occupies 250 acres of nature in the heart of a densely populated urban area in Israel/
The Safari has the largest animal collection in the Middle East and is unique in the world because of the large herds of mixed species of African animals that wander freely in the park; 1,600 animals of different species, amongst them 68 species of mammals, 130 species of fowl and 25 species of reptiles.

The Safari participates in 25 international programs for endangered species. It is a partner in breeding and reproduction programs and in research projects. The Safari is a member of international zoological organizations and cooperates in research and knowledge transfer
between zoos and nature preservation organizations worldwide.

The Safari's educational purpose is to promote the conservation of nature - from the belief that we love what we know, and we preserve what we love. http://www.safari.co.il/

Zoological Garden

The primary rationale for establishing the Zoological Garden was for instruction of students on the fauna of Israel and this tradition is still preserved today.
The Zoological Garden also offers educational activities run by Nature Campus. These activities present the world of scientific research in the fields of nature and the environment to youth, teachers, people working in environmental organizations, and the public at large.
Prof. Mendelssohn, one of the founders of nature conservation in Israel, established in the Zoological Garden a core collection for the breeding of endangered species, mainly raptors such as the lappet-faced vulture, griffon vulture, white-tailed eagle and various species of falcons.

Today the Zoological Garden serves, in cooperation with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel and the Nature Reserves Authority, as a center for conservation-related activity. Researchers investigate the reproductive strategies of many species, with the aim of maintaining a captive-breeding nucleus and releasing back to nature, when possible, the offspring born in the zoo. http://www.tau.ac.il/lifesci/zoo/

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is guided by a number of fundamental and largely complementary objectives:

• To establish a zoological collection and maintain it under optimal living conditions, with special emphasis on those species mentioned in the Bible.
• To develop and conduct educational activities and outreach programs
• To conduct research that involves the preservation, breeding, and return to the wild of various species.
•to develop distinct programs and create opportunities for groups with special needs, so that they can be involved in animal care.
To make the zoo a unique and attractive tourist site, whose uniqeness derives partly from its collection of Biblical animals. http://www.jerusalemzoo.org.il/

Hamat Gader

Hamat Gader, Israel's largest and oldest Spa complex, is located on the South Eastern part of the Sea of Galilee. It was established on the ruins of the Greek city of Gadara and its hot springs.
In the Roman period the hot springs were renowned for their therapeutic qualities and were part of the "region of the Decapolis", where Jesus and his disciples traveled many times - healing and teaching.

Today, Hamat Gader Park spreads over an area of 40 acres of tropical parkland that includes covered outdoor settings, restaurants, lawns, Ancient Roman Baths and the thermo mineral pool area. Also one of the largest Crocodile farm in the Middle East with approximately 200 crocodiles of various species and a small bird park. http://www.hamat-gader.com/

Gan Guru

A unique Park in the north-east of Israel dedicated to Australian species like Kangaroos and koalas, which wandering around freely in special areas of the park and can be fed by the visitors with special food. http://www.nirtours.co.il/